Dermalogica Skin Kit - Dry

Dermalogica Skin Kit - Dry

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Dermalogica Skin Kit contains a variety of travel sized treats for Dry skin to ensure you get well nourished & moisturised skin wherever you go. This pack is perfect for the first time user to trial this range of amazing products.

This Dermalogica Skin Kit contains a full regime of what your Dry skin needs most. If you’re a first time Dermalogica user, then prepare yourself for great skin. And, if you’re already hooked, these convenient travel sizes will bring professional skin care wherever you’re going.


Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution 50ml - A milky cleanser designed to gently lift impurities and remove make-up.

Dermalogica Multi-active Toner 50ml - Hydrating spritz that increases your skin's own moisture level as it smoothes the surface.

Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant 10ml - Detaches dead skin debris and promotes cell renewal, leaving you with dramatically improved skin smoothness.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance 22ml - Combats dryness, smoothes the appearance of fine lines and skin damage giving you soft supple skin.

Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution 50ml - Nourishes dry skin whilst cleansing away impurities.

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair 4ml - This ultra rich Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair cream will help repair prematurely ageing skin whilst smoothing away fine dehydration lines around your delicate eye area.

Dermalogica PreCleanse - Sample

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque - Sample

Benefits: Helps hydrate skin to minimise fine lines. Lifts dull, lackluster skin to reveal a fresher, more hydrated surface. Helps nourish, replenish and maintain moisture levels.

Directions: Apply Essential Cleansing Solution to dampened face and throat, massaging with light, upward strokes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. One to two times a week: Apply Gentle Cream Exfoliant to face and throat, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly after 10 minutes with warm water. Spritz Multi-Active Toner over face and neck, with eyes closed. Apply Intensive Moisture Balance to face and neck with light, upward strokes. Finish by gently dabbing Intensive Eye Repair around the eye area, using your ring finger.

Quick Tip: Use your Dry Skin Kit morning and night, or as prescribed by your professional skin therapist.